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The Jet

Built by Kwikkraft in Rangiora, New Zealand, our 15-seater purpose-built jet is stoked with a 450hp Kodiak Engine and coupled with a Hamilton 212 jet unit. Set up with grandstand seating this 6.5m jet boat ensures every passenger gets a full view of the heart pumping action. 

Cathedral Cove Jet reaches speeds up to 80KMPH, this is how it happens. A waterjet generates propulsive thrust from the reaction created when water is forced in a rearward direction. It works in relation to Newton’s Third Law of Motion – “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. A good example of this is the recoil felt on the shoulder when firing a rifle, or the thrust felt when holding a powerful firehose. 

The discharge of a high velocity jet stream generates a reaction force in the opposite direction, which is transferred through the body of the jet unit to the craft’s hull, propelling it forward.