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Whitianga Welcomes International Travellers Again

Hooray for international travellers and borders opening!

From May 1st NZ opened up it’s borders to a number of international travellers in a move that has us tourism operators hopping with excitement! We can’t wait to once again see the smiling happy faces of tourists and hear the sounds of foreign languages as we walk down the street. The insulation of the last 2 years has been a challenge to say the least and starting a new tourism business in the middle of it seemed like madness to many of our friends and family.

One of the things that excites us so much about welcoming back our international visitors is the absolute joy we get from sharing this stunning piece of NZ. Whitianga; Cathedral Cove; Hot Water Beach; Hahei; the golden sand beaches; the giant pohutakawa trees; the stunning sea caves; the huge, towering rock pinnacles; the crystal clear waters; the mysterious, bush clad islands… can all of these things truly fit in one sentence, in one location??!! Yes! And they do right here in sunny Coromandel.

To the unfamiliar traveller, Coromandel can be seen to be a bit off the beaten track and somewhat difficult to navigate. Steep roads wind through mountain ranges at either end of the peninsula so there is no avoiding some serious driving no matter which direction you are coming from or travelling to. At Cathedral Cove Jet however we see this isolation as something of an advantage. Only the intrepid make the effort to come to the Coromandel and only the adventurous traveller gets to enjoy its idyllic beauty in all its glory. This means that we get to preserve some of the tranquillity of the area even in the peak of the summer season and there is always a lonely corner of a secluded beach, a place to visit, where you can look up from your towel and see nothing but blue skies, golden sand and turquoise waters. Sometimes it’s the lack of activity that stands out as the most appealing Coromandel attraction!

But sitting around on a secluded beach is only fun for so long and who doesn’t need to blow out those cobwebs with a sweet shot of adrenaline to get those travel juices flowing??!! Our boat trips to Cathedral Cove provide the perfect opportunity to go beyond Whitianga and explore the stunning scenery of the area at full speed. This is not just any Cathedral Cove boat tour, puttering along listening to someone drone on about the geological history of the area for 2 hours. This is short and sweet, exciting and thrilling, as well as being a scenic overload.

Since we’ve only been around during Covid times we are really excited to see what international travellers to the area will make of this brand new Coromandel activity and can’t wait to show off our state of the art jet boat as well as this amazing place we call home. We also can’t wait to return the favour and jump on a plane somewhere new and exotic as soon as we get the chance! It has been so long since we lined up at the international airport!!

Posted by Cathedral Cove Jet on May 09, 2022